Why Wood Fences Are Better than Chain Linked Fences

There’s few things in life as important as one’s home. It’s a place of safety and security for our family. And it’s the image that we project out to the world. If someone comes to visit, the very first thing they’ll see is our home. Not to mention that it’s the image of ourselves we see reflected when we come home every day. But if our home is important, the things which surround it are just as significant in our lives. And that means that we need to put some extra care and attention into fences. One of the biggest choices when looking at fences is between wood and chain link. Both have some benefits, but there’s a few important reasons why wooden fences win the competition.

Wooden fences look better

Obviously everyone has different tastes. But there’s some aspects of style which society as a whole has come to agree on. In the 80s there was a lot of experimentation with overly artificial styles. One of the biggest experiments was the chain link fence for residential buildings. The experiment as a whole ended pretty quickly before the end of the decade. People as a whole agreed that a more natural design looks better than an artificial one. And in particular it’s vital to maintain a consistency with natural settings and natural style. A wooden fence fits in with the natural decor of a front or back yard. Where a chain link fence clashes with the appearance. The metal, the angles, everything about it clashes with a beautifully maintained lawn or garden. Additionally, it tends to make a home feel more like a jail yard than a place to relax. It’s not a very inviting way to welcome guests into one’s home either..

Wooden fences provide actual privacy

One of the biggest benefits of wooden fences is that they provide a higher level of security. Both wooden and chain link will keep people and animals out. But only wooden fences will keep prying eyes out. A home should be a castle, and it should be something that guests are invited into. With chain link fences, everyone walking by can take a good look at what you’re up to. This can be especially worrisome when dealing with children. A wooden fence ensures that one can rest safe and secure in the knowledge that their privacy is protected.

Wooden fences protect children

Wooden fences keep prying eyes from looking in, but they can also keep children from looking out. It’s an unfortunate fact, but car accidents involving small children are quite common. And one way that kids get involved is by seeing something that interests them when they’re playing in the yard. A moment of distraction while running inside to check on a meal is all the time it takes for a child to see something through a chain link fence and head out to investigate. A wooden fence is harder for small children to open, and it keeps them from seeing things in the streets which might pique their interest.