Warming vellux blanket: a new and better version

If you’re in the market for a warming vellux blanket, you’ll be thrilled with the selections you find when shopping online.

The new warming blankets have come a long way from when the wires were heavy and bulky, even dangerous.

Now you can enjoy these popular vellux blankets with new, safer heating technology. You’ll get:

•heat evenly distributed over the surface of the blanket

•lightweight, velvety soft blanket to the touch

•solid state controls with automatic shut-off after 10 hours for peace of mind

•variable settings with lighted dial for perfect comfort and warmth

•manufacturer warranty

•machine washable

•wicks away moisture and is allergy-free

The warming vellux blankets come in standard bed sizes:  twin    full    queen    king

This warming/heating blanket is available in full range of colors to compliment or match your bedroom decor:

jade     green      ivory      rose      china blue     grey

You can rest assured that your new warming blanket will be safe and keep you cozy and comfortable on those cold nights. And when you shop online, they’ll happily deliver right to your door!