Wamsutta EvenTemp bedding: now both of you can be comfy

Springs Industries offers a new concept in bedding by Wamsutta called EvenTemp Bedding. This new approach to bed linen was adopted for the bedding industry from Technology called Adaptive Comfort from Outlast.

It helps store your body heat and release it slowly, allowing everyone who uses bedding made with it to sleep better and remain more comfortable through the night. Imagine being able to remain nice and cool while your partner stays warm and toasty- it’s good news for couples like newlyweds who had been previously used to sleeping by themselves, or for pregnant women who tend to get cold even when other aren’t.

Bed linen items that are presently available from Wamsutta made with EvenTemp are:

•200 plus thread count cotton comforter with allergy-free fill

•200 plus thread count 100% cotton mattress pad So if you tend to toss and turn during the night, pushing off the covers and then pulling them back on again, maybe this bedding will do the trick and help you- and your partner-sleep deeper and more restfully than ever.

More and more online retailers are now offering this wonderful bedding even though your local retailer has probably never even heard of it yet!