Velvet bedspreads spread the luxury

A velvet bedspread makes the bedroom look so luxurious! Velvet is so lush and soft to the touch. It’s no wonder that these bedspreads are becoming so popular! You’ll find your next favorite velvet bedspreads in all the colors of the rainbow.

One is certain to be just right to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom and match your bedroom decor perfectly. Once, bedspreads of velvet were all solid colors edged with fringe. Those bedspreads are still available today and are still just as beautiful as ever.

But your choices today for velvet spreads are not limited to only that style. In fact, you can find velvet used in bedspreads that are quilted in traditional quilt patterns but all of the fabric is still velvet.

•One example of this type of bedspread is the velvet Star Quilt bedspread. Using the traditional Star pattern, the star is repeated four times, just like a quilt your grandmother might have owned. However, grandmother’s quilt was probably cotton; this bedspread is all velvet on top with a cotton backing and polyester batting fill. Imagine the luxurious feel of running your hand across a beautiful bedspread of velvet in such a gorgeous traditional pattern!

•Wildlife patterns are popular in velvet spreads for your bed. Choices include leopard, zebra and tiger patterns and add a great touch to a jungle or native theme bedroom. Or you can choose a velvet print bedspread that depicts the wildlife in its natural setting.

•Caring for your velvet bed cover properly is very important. Velvet should never be machine washed. There are two reasons: the bedspread, when wet, is simply too heavy to machine launder and the velvet will have a ‘crushed’ look after machine washing.

Dry cleaning is the only way to ensure your beautiful bedspread in velvet will remain beautiful for years to come. Don’t invest in an elegant velvet bedroom spread and then ruin it by attempting clean it other than by label instructions. You’ll love your velvet spread too much to chance ruining it or having the colors bleed. So always dry clean your velvet bed covers just like the label says!