Unisex baby bedding – when you’re just not sure yet

Just not sure yet about the sex of your baby…?  Don’t let that stop you from getting your nursery ready for that blessed event.  After all you want to bring your baby home to an empty crib.  As you probably already know there are hundreds of unisex baby bedding themes for decorating your nursery these days.  For bedding that will work for either babies or boys consider themes that have to do with more neutral activities, with themes that feature things like:

Safari or Jungle
Stars or Galaxies
Baby Animals or Animal Prints

You can also focus on the colors when you’re buying unisex baby bedding.  Instead of going with the obvious pink for a girl in blue for a boy, you could go with colors like white and off-white, green, pumpkin, pastels and such.

You can start with the basic bedding set that’s fairly gender-neutral. Normally you will get a fitted sheet, a baby crib bumper, a diaper stacker, and the matching quilt or comforter to start with, and probably a crib skirt.

And then later when you get the baby home you can decide how far you want to go to customize the rest of your nursery.

Add some toys like baseball bats or soccer balls, teddy bears, dolls or other plush types of toys to reflect the gender of your baby.

Add a framed piece of art to the walls here and there, or maybe some wallpaper or colorful wall stickers for a splash of fun.

If you really want to get creative, you could go down to your local hobby shop and pick up some stencils, or check online for downloadable stencil ideas also. Don’t be scared to start drawing and painting on the walls because acrylic paint washes right off.

Maybe you thought you were going to be a little bit stuck designing your baby’s nursery in the unisex theme.  Hopefully with these few tips in mind, you now know that this is totally not true and you’re going to be able to create a beautiful, warm and welcoming nursery for your baby to come home to, no matter if they’re a boy or girl.