Unforgettable Fine French bedding

French bedding offers a taste of luxury and comfort that you won’t soon forget. The French have an age old tradition of producing the finest bed linen on the planet. The difference between French bed linen and ordinary bedding is that flare that the French have for fabric, color and craftsmanship.

Some of the most famous names in French bedding are:

•Anichini •Yves Delorme •Bassetti •Paloma Picasso

The difference between bed linen from France than other bed linens is the raw materials used are of a higher quality than your average linens.

French bed linens are often made from 100% Egyptian cotton, known to be the finest in the world. This cotton has a softer, smoother feel, a more shimmering look, and is stronger than the run of the mill cotton. In addition, French bed linens feature high thread counts, typically 300 and up, definitely in the luxury range.

Generally speaking, the higher the count, the silkier the fabric will feel against the skin. All of these features mingle to make French linens tantamount with luxury, comfort and durability. You’ll find French bedding in a huge pallet of colors, prints and styles to match or compliment any bedroom decor. It can be very hard to find authentic French Bedding linen in your local home town.

This exclusive linen used to only be available in the finer retailers in the biggest cities across the world. But online, you now have access to hundreds of importers of this sumptuous linen. The prices have also become more reasonable too, because retailers are in stiff competition, which is a really great opportunity for us as consumers!