Tips on washing your sheets

Here you’ll see one of the experts at famous bedding maker Anichini being interviewed about the best way to take care of your bed linen.

The basics he covers:

Wash in cool or lukewarm water

No dry cleaning because of the harsh don’t want all of that against your skin when you’re sleeping.

Use mild detergent..dissolve in liquid and let it agitate for abit before adding your linens.

No whiteners…no bleach. Oxygen bleach is ok on occasion. Test a corner first to doublecheck that the color doesn’t bleed.

Hot water and high settings on dryer is very hard on fabric fibers…use gentle cycle.

Line drying is really good if possible…your sheets will actually need minimal ironing.

Could add rod to dry sheets in laundry room.

If you must use dryer, have settings on low, take out before hot and dry…take out while tiny bit damp..let air dry the rest of the way.

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