Tips for buying the best baby crib bedding for your peace of mind

It doesn’t have to be complicated to find quality baby crib bedding when you know what to look for. You want your little angel to be safe and snug and you want to be sure that everything that touches them is the best available.  So how can you be sure that what you put in your baby’s nursery is safe and durable…?

I would personally stick with brand names when it comes to bedding for your baby… some of the most popular favorites are:

Glenna Jean
Precious Moments
Lambs and Ivy


They they make their bedding out of fabrics that are easy to take care of and keep clean, mainly cotton in typically higher thread counts of 180 to 200.  They carefully add other detailing like 100% cotton appliqués, textures, weaves and fabrics that are truly beautiful — how about gingham, corduroy and denim for some added designer touches for your baby’s crib bedding.You do not get that with off brands whose main concern is making things as fast and cheap as possible.

Your infant bedding will be made to last and withstand machine washing with out the colors fading and the stitching pulling apart. You want the stitching to be tight and made of cotton for safety, as nylon thread can get softer and melt in the dryer, and can also be a potential choking hazard for your child.  And you want it to hold up through many washings as you’ll expect to launder the sheets in the baby nursery much more often then any other bedding.

Now that you know the basics of what to look for when shopping for baby bedding, you can get down to some of the more creative aspects of the baby’s room.  What kind of atmosphere would you like to have when you walk in…?  Of course you want something exciting colorful and fun… so what is your personal idea of fun…? You’ll be thrilled to know that there are hundreds of possible bedding themes for nurseries these days. From adorable horses, puppies, frogs or monkeys to trucks, sports, race cars, the sky’s the limit for you to choose from.  You’ll find every possible additional accessory for that nursery also —

Lamps with shades
diaper stackers
window treatments
area rugs
wall art
wall borders
storage units
light switch covers
accent pillows
plush toys

And the list goes on.  First focus on the quality of the company are buying from and then just have fun and let your imagination run wild, and you’ll be the proud creator of the neatest baby’s nursery and bedding anywhere around.