A Tinkerbell comforter: Just the ticket to a fun bedroom!

A Tinkerbell comforter is just what you need to make your little girl’s bedroom a fairyland!

Tinker Bell, the beloved little fairy from Peter Pan comes to life on a comforter that your daughter will absolutely love.

•One of the choices in comforters with the Tinkerbell theme is the gorgeous black ‘Tink’ comforter with Tinkerbell depicted in a large size encompassing the entire central part of the comforter. The word ‘Tink’ is emblazoned in pink at Tinkerbell’s feet. She stands in front of a blue starburst design.

The Tinkerbell comforter has starburst patterns along each side in pink, blue and white. Swirls of fairy dust sprinkle the sides as well. This comforter is so gorgeous, you’ll almost want to keep it for yourself!

•The Tinkerbell ‘Believe’ comforter is another beautiful choice. The black background features Tinkerbell in the center standing in front of a pink whimsical design. Stars twinkle against the black background and the word ‘Believe’ is embroidered along the foot of the comforter. Tinkerbell never looked more appealing! Matching pillow shams can add the finishing touch to the Tinker Bell theme.

•Tinker Bell Enchanted comforters are just as beautiful. The black background is highlighted in purple fireworks edged in a purple design. Tinker Bell is shown flying across the center of the comforter. The reverse side of the Enchanted comforter is purple with white starbursts in varying sizes sprinkled over the entire comforter.

•Another choice in Tinker Bell theme bedding is a simple pink comforter sprinkled with flying Tinker Bells and stars. Flower outlines in purple and deep pink highlight this comforter for Tinker Bell fans. Let your little girl enjoy those years while she can still ‘Believe’ and be ‘Enchanted’ by ‘Tink’. All too soon the days of fairytales and fairyland will be over, so make t