The Changing Variety of Today’s Bed Linens

Bed linen, more specifically, cotton bed linens have undoubtedly become the rage in today’s bedrooms.  You can get thread counts ranging from 180 all the way up to a thousand nowadays.

Most people think that thread counts are the only legitimate way to judge how good sheet is going to be.  Not true.  You also need to consider how long the thread is to really determine the strength and durability of your bed linen. What you want to look for is a longer thread, or fiber to start with.

You’ll get that when you look for 100% to your Egyptian cotton, followed by supima or Pima cotton which are close seconds as far as fiber length.  The longer the fiber the longer and stronger the resultant yarns are — the stronger the fiber and fabric in your sheets on the bed will be.

Another thing to think about is whether it’s one ply or two ply.  Two ply means that the threads have been separated and woven back together in order for the manufacturer to sell it at a higher thread count than it would normally be.

You’ll be able to choose from not just your typical, traditional white and ivory colors.  Now you have at your disposal and full and lush color palette to match any bedroom to core you can imagine.  pearl, copper, lavender, sage, and sand are typical color options for bed linens these days.  You’ll also find geometric patterns and stripes from thin to wide, and prints of every variety and type — from animal designs to bold 60s flowery prints — you’ll find it all in today’s bed linens, pillowcases and duvet covers.