Hang ten with some fun surfing bedding for your kids!

Surfing bedding for kids brings the beach right into the youngster’s bedroom. What kid doesn’t love the warmth of the beach, the water and the sand! Many youngsters also follow the major surfing stars and teams like the Arc Angels and the Sea Lions, so bedding with a surfing theme can be just the thing.

Whether you live right beside the beach or hundreds of miles away, surfing is a theme that kids just love in their bedding. You will find a wide selection of surf bedding for your kids to choose from.

Dean Miller is a pretty popular name when it comes to bedding with the surfing touch. He takes the surfing theme for kids bedding and blends it with an Hawaiian flair perfectly in Tikis and Woodies.

The ocean blue background color sets off the long boards surfing in the waves and the traditional “Woody” style surfing station wagons made famous in California when the Beach Boys came on the scene. Add colorful hibiscus flowers, and the Hawaiian theme is just perfect for any kid’s bedroom who wants to hang ten with their bedding!

Dean Miller also makes the perfect surfing bedding set for your girl’s room. The Summer Slumber bedding features a pink background with shades of pink and white creating leaves and flowers is the perfect background to a variety of surf boards. Sheets, comforter and pillow shames create a complete surfing design. Another surfing selection in bedding is Blue Flip Flops. Navy blue background sets of white hibiscus and leaves in a traditional “surfing shirt” pattern. Along the white sheet borders are embroidered blue flip flops.

Kids of all ages will love this surfing choice in bedding. Add a few accessories, like posters of some famous surfing dudes like Chris Ward or Rob Machado shooting the perfect curl.

How about a surfboard in the corner..? Maybe wall decorations or wall paper. How about some lamps with complimenting shades. What about window treatment with matching shades. These are available in many sets of bedding if you look for them.

Add a surfing-style clock, and maybe even a raffia grass bed shirt and your kid will have a cool surfing bedroom that they’ll be able to really have some fun in! There are hundred of choices in bedding with a surfing theme. These are just a few examples from which you can choose your kids bedding for the young surfer or surfer-to-be.

Of course, if you choose these surf bedding options for the “older kids” (those over 21), we promise – we won’t tell!