Star Wars Bedding for Your Kids Fantasy Bedroom

What better way to decorate a kids bedroom than Star Wars bedding. I remember when I was a kid and the late 70s when the movie came out.  My mom fell asleep but I was really having a great time.

We didn’t really have bedding like this when I was growing up, but now you can easily decorate your child’s bedroom with the popular characters we all love like Yoda, C-3 PO, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader etc.

Normally, kids Star Wars bedding like this will come in either twin or full size.  You’ll be able to choose from either the dark side or the hero side of the saga.

That’ll tell you what will be on the comforters, sheets and pillowcases.

If you chose the heroes Star Wars bedding collection you’ll see that offers a comforter with C-3 PO, Luke Skywalker Yoda etc. on the comforter which drapes over the bed pretty nicely.  You’ll even be able to get a bedskirt, and a sheet set which includes a pillow sham, a flat and fitted sheet. Check it out, you can even get a squishy microbead pillow with the characters on it – which  is pretty cool and adds to the finished look of the bedroom.

If you select the dark side of the Star Wars saga, then of course you’ll see Darth Vader being featured on all of the bedding. You can also get optional matching drapes, additional pillowcases  and even a valance to go with the whole thing.

The comforter is normally going to be made of a poly cotton blend which means that it will be warm and toasty for your favorite child to sleep under.

Looks like everything is machine washable so in case your little Star Wars hero spills their favored drink or smears some jelly on the sheets just toss everything in the washer.

If you really want to go all out you could add some posters of Star Wars scenes or space scenes.You could buy the fighter jets and other Star Wars toys put them on the nightstand and on shelves in the bedroom.

So if your favorite little kid loves Star Wars, there’s no better way to bring them joy than to help them decorate their very own bedroom with dreams of saving the galaxy with Star Wars bedding.