Black flannel sheets for warmth and romance

Solid black flannel sheets are the best for winter warmth! Black makes a rather dramatic statement, and of course black is also associated with romance. Flannel sheets in solid black can also make for romantic winter nights if you set an overall romantic mood properly.

Sheets made with cotton flannel are always soft to the touch and the better quality sheets will stay that way. Look for higher weight flannel at about 5 ounces so your sheets will last.

They’ll wear better over time, and won’t pill or get thin in the center! Combine your solid black sheets with a throw pillow of white lace and a red rose, and you can set just the mood for a romantic evening. Dramatic!

Light some candles, either in black or white, and you have the perfect “mood” started for a night of warm romance.

Solid color sheets are often washed in hot water. But black can fade so easily, turning into a dingy grey. Keep your black sheets a nice solid black by washing on the gentle cycle in cold water with detergent made for dark colors.

With proper care, you can enjoy your solid black sheets in flannel every winter for several years before they begin to appear less than new. The good news is that even though not all of your local retailers may carry quality flannel sheets- especially in black. But when you do your shopping online, you’ll have the world at your fingers!