Killer Sleeping Tips: Babies And Moms

by Amy Peterson

Here’s a no muss no fuss list of useful tips for getting better sleep- I know you’ll enjoy them.  =)


(1) At six months, babies start teething. If its preventing your child from falling asleep, try a topical pain reliever from the drugstore.

(2) Allowing your baby to nap or sleep with a bottle of milk or juice can lead to tooth decay.

(3) Ask your doctor or nurse for ideas about how to keep your baby alert during the day so he’ll sleep better at night.

(4) Carrying your baby in a sling will help her get used to your daily rhythm, and will enable you to nurse her more frequently. This can help her sleep better at night when the routine is more quiet and relaxed.

(5) Don’t let your baby fall asleep with a pacifier because she may wake up and start crying if it falls out.

(6) Before going on an overnight trip with your baby, let her nap in the port-a crib for a few days before you leave so, when you get to your destination shell be familiar with the crib and sleep better.

(7) Don’t let your baby sleep with dolls or stuffed animals that hold cassette tapes because if the tape unwinds it could cause strangulation.

(8) Exercising moderately at least three times a week will help you sleep better while pregnant.

(9) To help your baby sleep at night; give her a warm, soothing bath just before bedtime.

(10) If your pregnancy makes you uncomfortable at night, try sleeping with a pillow under your stomach and between your legs.

(11) Exhausted parents of a newborn should take turns sleeping in on weekends to avoid burnout.

(12) If you have sciatic nerve pain running down the back of your legs, try sleeping on your opposite side at night.

(13) If you cannot sleep or you are losing appetite, afraid of harming your baby, or uncontrollable crying up to a year after your delivery, this may be a postpartum depression. Seek help.

(14) Cut back on caffeine, if your baby is having trouble sleeping and you are breastfeeding.