Silk Filled Comforters, My New Favorite

I used to go for the traditional feather and down stuffed to the hilt comforters like the ones we had in Germany when I was a kid.  Maybe it was because these beautiful comforters with fair gorgeous intricate floral designs and sent reminded me of my grandma. Maybe it’s just nostalgia but for years I was very happy using those comforters.

Then I found out file comforters that will fill silk fibers.  I was immediately very curious because there are definite similarities between long silk fibers and Egyptian cotton fibers. If you’re Egyptian cotton sheets are so highly prized because the length of their fibers produces a strong yet supple and breathable material.

So it is with the silk fiber especially when it’s used in blankets and comforters. It provides a breathable player that lets some of the warmth from your body dissipate through it while retaining a good percentage of heat to reflect back on to you while you sleep. It’s the same for Egyptian cotton sheets, assuming of course that they’re not blended with inferior, shorter cotton fibers or even worse, with polyester.

As you probably know polyester traps your body heat and can make you feel uncomfortable to the point where you just can’t wait to get it off of you.
What most people don’t know is that silk is actually hypoallergenic.  So if you are sensitive to the allergens that are typically found in feather and down bedding or can’t stand polyester and the heat that it builds up, why not try silk comforters instead.
Most people assume that silk is fragile and doesn’t last very long because they’ve had cheap silk sheets at some point or have read about them.

Yes you will need to take care of your silk bedding properly, but assuming you get a good quality comfortor you can be assured that it will last as long as any luxury comfortor.
You want to make sure to look for long fibers of silk in many layers as opposed to the inferior chopped silk fibers that make up the inferior duvets that don’t perform as well.