Sheet sets: from practical to frilly, you can never have too many

No one ever has too many sheets- and when they come in sets, it’s even better! It sure beats picking out every pillowcase and sheet separately doesn’t it? When choosing sheet sets for gifts, or for yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

•Always buy the very best quality in sheets that you can possibly afford. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, right?

•Not only will the feel of the sheets be softer and more comfortable but they’ll last much longer. So you’ll spend less in the long run, and sleep better too!

•Usually the price difference between 175 thread count sets and thread count of 220 or so is not that great, but the quality is much, much greater. You’ll swear that you’re sleeping on a cloud!

I never thought that something like thread count even mattered at all until I sank onto a gorgeous 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet at my friend’s home. I was really surprised- and have never looked back. lol

•Details make your sheets more attractive and indulgent. Treat yourself sometimes with contrasting borders, eyelet lace details, piping and similar details. They make for truly elegant bed linens. Sheets that are solid colors and more plain certainly have their place in the linen closet, but it’s nice to have sets that are a bit special!

•A great suggestion for a wedding gift set of sheets is satin or silk. While more expensive, the luxury will make the couple feel really, really special and the sheets will be used and appreciated for years to come.