Ralph Lauren a name you trust in comforters

A Ralph Lauren comforter for you bed is a great choice, no matter what your decor may be. With the many choices created by this top of the line designer, you’ll find exactly the right comforter for your bedroom.

Ralph Lauren has been considered one of the best designers for many years. The Lauren bedding designs are sophisticated and elegant and created with top quality materials. Whether you want classic, colorful, fancy or traditional, you’ll find a Ralph Lauren designer comforter that will be exactly what you dream of adding to your bedding collection.

•Lauren’s Doncaster Camel comforter is a great choice for a bedroom that features earth tones. Created in shades of tan with a subtle leaf pattern, this machine washable duvet will serve as a great comforter for your bed.

•The Rodeo Drive comforter by Ralph Lauren is very sophisticated and inviting. Tan, highlighted with black trim, this comforter matches the zebra or black sheets by Lauren perfectly.

•Studio Blue Paisley bedding offers a comforter in shades of blue and grey paisley that works well with solid sheets. If blue is your color, you could choose the Putney Paisley Ralph Lauren comforter which is solid navy blue in the center, highlighted by paisley trim in shades of blue. Doncaster Blue is another great comforter you may love because of the subtle leaf pattern. Lauren’s The Landing collection includes a comforter that is blue on tan in a damask pattern.

•Belmont Oaks Palm is a beautiful tan comforter featuring shades of green creating the lovely palm trees and palm fronds perfect for a tropical theme. This comforter is luxurious and very, very classy. These are just a few of the many, many designer comforters created by Ralph Lauren. You can find Ralph Lauren bedding at prices that are amazing low for designer comforters.

Choose from the designs from this well respected designer and you’ll be investing in a quality Ralph Lauren comforter you’ll enjoy for years to come.