Ralph Lauren bedding

Ralph Lauren bedding comes in such a wide selection of patterns, colors and styles that anyone can find exactly what they need to complete their bedding collection.

The Ralph Lauren Bedding collection sets a gorgeous, lush decor theme for the entire bedroom.

•Ralph Lauren’s Bel Aire collection is a set of hounds tooth black and white bedding mixed with stripes and patterns in sateen with silk touches added. Cashmere throws complete the set. At first thought, stripes, checks and patterns don’t sound as if they would be appealing together, but in the style that only Lauren can do it, it combines perfectly into an extremely attractive bedding set.

•For the southwestern home, Lauren has designed bedding sets in muted earth tones reminiscent of the desert. Serape stripes mixed with luxurious fabrics make the Desert Hills collection by Lauren a very special bedding combination.

•Ralph Lauren’s Layford Cay is designed as bedding for the tropical home. Featuring bright colors for bedding and accessories, the feel of the tropical islands will come right into your bedroom simply by using the right bedding. Do you like a “glam” look” of elegance and wealth?

•Take a look at the Modern Hollywood collection in the Lauren design collection. White on white lends elegance. Satin and silk details provide the luxury feel when added to Egyptian cotton percale. This designer bedding by Ralph Lauren will go well in any room, but especially the boudoir-style bedroom. Want a less feminine look so hubby will feel more at home?

•Try Lauren’s Penthouse bedding. Black and white, mixed with tan creates elegance yet masculinity without being too masculine to fit space for a lady into the scene. Clearly this beautiful designer bedding would go very well into a modern theme home. Add a few accessories in the black and white theme on tan walls and your bedding becomes the focus of the entire room.

•African theme or even tropical theme bedrooms can benefit well with the Coldwater Canyon bedding sets designed by Ralph Lauren. Zebra stripes in black and white fading to tan provide sheeting that is striking. A duvet – that’s a blanket cover for those who haven’t had one before – is included in solid black trimmed with zebra stripes. All the pillows, sheets and blankets, even the duvet, have touches of leather and suede to complete the jungle or safari theme.

You can always count on Lauren to provide top quality bedding in unique designs!