Primaloft pillows for featherless sleep

Primaloft pillows are a true blessing to those people who suffer from allergy problems! You may have tried placing pillows into plastic zippered pillow covers and know how uncomfortable these feel and sound when placing your head on the pillow.

Primaloft has solved these problems by inventing a pillow using 230 thread count cotton and a special microfiber cluster filling that provides softness and support.

The filling is known as Primaloft synthetic down clusters because they create a pillow that feels much like real goose down. Primaloft provides pillows in standard, queen and king sizes and the pillows are sold in sets of two.

The standard size in soft is filled with 20 ounces of fiber fill; the standard medium contains 24 ounces of fill.

The queen size soft Primaloft pillows are filled with 24 ounces while the queen medium firmness pillows contain 28 ounces of fill.

In the king sized pillows from Primaloft, the soft firmness contains 28 ounces of fiber fill and the medium firmness contains 32 ounces of fill. Because the microfiber fill, called polyester down clusters, are so fluffy and soft, these pillows will be large and luxurious but will also shape themselves to your head, providing just the right support in the firmness level you prefer.

Some reviews say that Primaloft pillows will last only about 1/2 to 1/3 as long as ‘normal’ pillows. Don’t take this to heart because most allergy doctors will tell you that the average person uses their pillows much, much too long before replacement.

Many people sleep on pillows that are ten years old or even older- but doctors recommend, even for the NON-allergy suffer, that pillows be replaced every two to three years.

So the comparison is rather moot if you follow your doctor’s suggestions about bedding and pillows. These pillows will last well over the two to three years your doctor recommends.

Isn’t your health worth changing pillows a bit more often if it means you don’t sneeze, sniffle and suffer irritation from dust mites in your pillows? For me, it just makes perfect sense!