Pillow forms: the easiest way to get the plump back into your pillows

Now you can really put the finishing touches on those pillows of yours without spending a lot. Whether you’re looking for forms to fill out the pillows for your couch, floor, or your bed, getting pillow forms online is easy and convenient these days.

They come in a good variety of sizes and designs, some of the most popular being:

•U neck pillow form– great for propping yourself up to read in bed or just decorative accent

•neck roll- nifty accent pillow that can even be pretty comfy for relaxing on too.

•12 by 16 inch square decorative pillow

•18 inch square accent pillow

•26 by 26 square euro pillow

•standard  20 by 26″

•king  20 by 36″

These pillow forms should cover almost any size you might need for redecorating your home.

They’re normally be made of 100% allergy free polyester fiberfill that’s really plumped up to look great.

And they’ll usually come with washable covers made with 150-180 thread count cotton/polyester that are easy to keep clean. Great looks for your pillows made easy with forms- economical and smart too!