Orthopedic Neck Support Pillows

Orthopedic neck support pillows are a true blessing for those who suffer from back and neck problems. The neck is extremely vulnerable to orthopedic problems and injuries or medical conditions can make lying on a traditional pillow painful.

Pain from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, bone or joint abnormalities, disk degeneration, herniated cervical (neck) disk, whiplash, or pain from injuries can often be relieved or reduced by sleeping on an orthopedic neck support pillow.

Vitalfoam tension custom memory foam pillows are constructed of Viscoelastic memory foam. This allows the pillow to shape to your head and neck perfectly as it reacts to your body temperature to provide perfect support while feeling soft and cozy. This orthopedic neck support pillow is recommended for people who suffer from headaches, neck pain, and sleeplessness. The 20 inch by 13 inch memory foam is 4 inches thick, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal to provide you with a healthy, safe sleep support.

Vitalfoam also offers memory foam pillows that are sized and shaped just like traditional feather or foam pillows. These memory foam pillows fit into standard pillow covers and cases or shams. The same memory foam properties featured in their tension relief pillow are found in these great pillows that can often relieve minor neck and back pain as the foam conforms to your neck and head.

Mediflow water pillows are another type of ortheopedic neck support pillow that uses a water-filled cushion covered with a layer of thermal insulation, a layer of hypoallergenic polyester padding, and encased in polyester cotton blend percale outer fabric. During sleep, a person moved, rolling from back to side. The water base in this ortheopedic pillow adjusts to provide perfect support no matter how you position your head and neck. You’ll positively love sleeping on this Mediflow orthopedic neck support pillow.

Vitalex offers a latex neck support pillow crafted from top quality latex. This orthopedic neck support pillow is designed to accommodate people who sleep on either their back or sides. Because some memory foam pillows have an odor to which some people are allergic, this latex pillow from Vitalex offers a solution that is odorless but provides all the benefits of memory foam pillows to properly support the head and neck.

Memory Lite Products offers a light weight, memory foam option that offers the same great support and shape as other orthopedic neck support pillows. Great for people who support from headaches, neck pain, or insomnia, these pillows provide the support you need plus the comfort you want. These orthopedic neck support pillows are available in various shapes and sizes which include travel pillows, round bolster style pillows in four inch, five inch or seven inch diameters, and standard size light weight pillows in the standard cervical orthopedic neck support pillow shape.

Ortho Adjustable neck support pillows are doctor designed and feature a multi-layer design. The three layers can be configured into six positions to provide just the right support in the right places to help reduce or relieve neck and back pain. This pillow design also helps snoring that is caused by your sleeping posture. Make of polyurethane, the pillow is enclosed in a protector made of polyester cotton blend. You might prefer the Ortho Adjustable Supreme pillow which is made with the same unique adjustability but the layers are crafted from memory foam to provide additional comfort.