Organic cotton sheets: allergy free sleep at last!

Organic cotton sheets, for those who are concerned about the ecology of the materials on which they spend up to one third of the lives, are readily available in high quality, soft, luxurious ensembles.

But why buy organic cotton sheets instead of normal sheets? The answer is rather simple. Cotton is a convenient, sturdy fiber used for many products including bedding. But conventionally grown cotton is sprayed with pesticides up to 20 or more times per growing season!

Cotton represents only about 3% of the crops but uses up over 25% of the pesticides consumed yearly! Just think about that! Five of the nine pesticides used in growing cotton conventionally are known to be cancer causing agents! Scary, isn’t it? On top of that, once the cotton is harvested and made into fabric, that fabric is treated with toxic dyes and formaldehyde is added to make the fabric stain resistant and wrinkle resistant.

By the time you go to sleep on these sheets, you may be sleeping on a LOT of toxins. How good a night’s sleep you get will have a direct effect on how you feel and perform the next day.

Repeatedly getting poor sleep will result in illness, depression, and other maladies. Many people are very sensitive to the chemicals in the cotton on their beds but fail to realize why they feel so bad all the time. Organic cotton sheets are made from certified organic cotton grown which must be grown in fields where pesticides have not been used for at least three years.

Natural methods of building the soil fertility and resisting pests are used and no pesticide or fertilizers of any time are used in growing certified organic cotton. Sure, you may pay a little bit more for organic cotton sheets, but how much is your health worth to you? Knowing what you are sleeping on can lead to a good night’s sleep if you know your bedding includes organic cotton sheets and other organic cotton bedding.