Necessacity With Comfort The Wall Mount Ironing Board

Clothes express the individual’s personality. Everyone wishes to present himself in more and more better way. It is only possible when he is well dressed up. The good, neat and clean dress also requires to be pressed up properly so that creases cannot make it look ugly. Ironing is a necessaity that you either like, dislike or tolerate. But when you have pressed those wrinkles and creases and have obtained a clean, crisp shirt to wear, you will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. For this purpose iron came into use after its invention. To obtain good results, iron needed some place or board where one could press the clothes easily and place the iron as well. In this context, classic ironing board came into existent. Here, people used to lay down the blanket or thick cloth on the floor or on the table and ironed their clothes. Although it was easy and became popular and practical and still in use but it couldn’t allow people to press clothes properly as creases still left on the clothes.

Then many other ironing borads invented. But all of them needed lots of space and could not be placed in any closet. So inventions went on for human’s comfort. Lots of ironing boards have came into existent. The different types of these are

Table top ironing board: It consists of short legs which are placed over the table or counter for ironing purpose.

Portable ironing board: It is a mobile board that can be carried from one place to another.

Door mounted ironing board: This is fixed on the doors with the help of nails.

Ironing center: This ironing centre is a built in cupboard for storage of the iron, spray, starch and other things.

But nowadays, the inventors proudly present one of their unique and latest invention the Wall Mount Ironing Boards. These are best for small houses, flats where one need to save lots of space due to its limitation. But they are equally use in large houses and infact are the most popular among big laundries and dry cleaners like Eclipse and Bright etc. They consist of a 45 inches spring activated ventilated metal ironing board with a 5 inches height adjustment and a swivel of 180 degrees that allows for the utmost ease and comfort when ironing in small and confined areas like in the walk in closets or corners of the laundry rooms. There is a lead timer which turns on the power to the work an electrical outlet. A good sized hot iron storage compartement, clothes rank, shelves for storage, safety disconnect switch and an indicator light complete this total wall mount ironing board!

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