Luxury Pillows – Essential Facts On Pillows When You Need Luxury

With all of the different styles of luxury pillows available out there, I know it can be pretty hard to sort through what you need to look for when shopping. So let me see if I can help you out a bit here.

There are two basic types of pillows out there.  One kind it is man-made or synthetic, and the other is natural.

To me, a luxury pillow can’t be anything other than a down pillow.  Why? No other pillow feels as comfortable and a satisfying when sinking my tired noggin into it at the end of a long hard day.

Down pillows allow you to shift around from your side to your back to your stomach and don’t try to force you into a certain position like some of the synthetic man-made pillows out there do today.

This is another reason why I love down-it’s just more luxurious and comfy.

So for the sake of this article I’ll be focusing on how to best select a luxury down and feather pillow.

First off, the position you normally sleep and will be the starting place for selecting the correct pillow for you.  Why? The entire goal of your pillow, no matter what it’s made out of, should be to align your spine, head and neck.

If you sleep on your side (like most people do), then you need something to support your head and neck correctly while you sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and energized, and not with a crick in your neck like I used to get you far I learned this little bit of pillow info.  You’ll normally want to look for a medium density pillow in this event to get the proper height and support.

If you sleep on your stomach however, you don’t want to use too high of a pillow, or chances are your spine will be forced into very unnatural positions while you sleep and you’ll end up with a major backache and probably a neck ache to boot. You’ll want to go for a softer thinner type of pillow.

If you sleep on your back then you’ll probably want to consider a medium or thinner pillow.  It really depends on your body build as to what is the proper height.  Sleep experts usually recommend adding an additional pillow underneath your knees when you sleep on your back to further help align your spine.

These are general guidelines for selecting the proper pillow for your sleeping style and body.

If you tend to sleep in all of these positions, like I do, the best option for you might be an all-around type pillow. This means it’s not too dense or high for most people and provides proper support for the average build in all positions.  This may be a good place to start when buying a luxury pillow if you’re not absolutely a hundred percent positive that you’ll like the firmer, denser, higher pillows.

Moving on to other options to consider for your luxury pillow purchase, remember to look for a nice tight weave in the pillow shell, or outer cover.

This is important so all of the down and feathers remain inside your pillow and don’t eventually poke you in the ear on their way out. Check for 100% cotton with around thread counts of 220 or better.  The higher the better on this point.  You’ll want cotton of course because it’s a natural fiber and wicks away any moisture so we don’t get cold and clammy.

A side note here, invest in several pillow protectors.  You just stuff your pillow inside it, zip it up and then put the pillow case over the whole thing. Pillow protectors add an extra layer to keep your pillows from absorbing dirt and oil and perspiration. An inexpensive way to protect your investment.

Another important thing to consider is the actual quality of the down and feathers inside your pillow.  You should look for at least a 500 fill power number to assure that you get the best quality materials that will stand up to years of use unlike cheaper pillows that use little down and tiny feathers that collapse after not too long.  The better pillow manufacturers also wash their down and feathers to guarantee an allergy free pillow.

I hope these luxury pillow buying tips come in handy!