Lets Talk About Organic Bedding

Organic bedding is not just for people who believe in all-natural products. All-natural bedding can be a way to relieve allergy symptoms, too. As more and more people demand ‘green’ products that are ecologically friendly, organic bedding choices provide a much wider selection than in past years. This trend is expected to continue in years to come.

Creating a bedroom that is organic begins with the mattress. Pure-Rest offers top-quality bedding foundations that are 100% organic and natural latex. Vivetique offers custom-made 100% organic mattresses and there are other manufacturers offering natural mattresses and foundations, something that was unheard of in the past.

A mattress topper and cover set made from organic materials can help allergies and lengthen mattress life span. O-Wool offers 100% Merino felted wool mattress covers that are machine washable. Hom Organics, another manufacturer of organic mattress toppers, offers products of 100% organic cotton and wool fill, providing a cozy feel to any bed.

Holy Lamb Organics offers pillows are available filled with fluffy lamb’s wool. You can also purchase natural latex orthopedic neck pillows. Other manufacturers, including Hom Organics, also offer wool filled pillows. Add an organic pillow cover to help prevent dust mite contact if you suffer from allergies.

Organic cotton sheets that feel comfortable and hold up through hundreds of washings are available as well. Pure Rest’s Sage and Lilac collection includes everything from bed skirts to sheets and pillow cases to blankets and duvet covers. Made from 330 thread count hand-picked long staple organic cotton, these expertly woven products are machine washable and can be machine dried or hung to dry outdoors. It is recommended that no detergents with phosphates be used on this organic bedding. Colors available include natural, white, solid blue, blue leaf, sage leaf, and seashell. The soft colors are perfect for mixing and matching to create an infinite number of combinations.

High Desert Naturals offers luxurious 200 thread count sheets made of 100% organic cotton. Available in solid alabaster and available only in sets, these sheets are made in the USA and are fully machine washable.

Organic bedding from Coyuchi includes 100% organic cotton flannel or percale sheets. The deep pockets on the fitted sheets are great for pillow top mattresses or mattresses with toppers. Flannel sheets are available in ivory and percale sheets are available in ivory or white.

Dreamsacks has a great organic bedding solution for comforters. Pure spun Habotai silk is used to weave the outer case of the comforter and as the filling material as well. “Habotai” is a Japanese word which means “soft as down” and this describes this silk perfectly! The silk, based on ancient Chinese traditions, is hand stretched and the comforters are constructed layer by layer, ensuring a quality product. Because silk adjusts to body temperature, you’ll sleep soundly and comfortably. Naturally hypo-allergenic, these comforters are available in honey or white. Cleaning instructions are dry clean only, preferable without chemicals.

Holy Lamb Organics offers a unique two-piece all season comforter. Created from 250 to 300 count organic cotton sateen outer covers, 100% organic wool is quilted in between to make these comforters snuggly. Snap the two comforters together for cold weather; when warmer weather arrives simply separate the layers and use only one. Each comforter is hand made in the USA.

You can enjoy organic bedding accessories as well. You’ll find rugs, curtains, throw pillows, and many other options to make your bedroom organic and cozy.