Korean mink blankets: well, not really-but they’re wonderful anyhow!

Shopping for a Korean mink blanket? They’re not really made of Korean mink, but acrylic.

That means this mink blanket is the ultimate in soft. This blanket is made with even finer spun polyester than most average acrylic blankets, so it feels that much denser and even more luxurious.

They’re pretty versatile blankets, these Korean mink blankets

•keep one on hand for an overnight guest- they’ll probably never want to leave!

•perfect for an additional layer of warmth on your bed of course

•they’re cozy blankets for traveling if you want to keep one in the car

•great for giving as gifts

They come in different colors and patterns to match or compliment your bedroom’s decor-some of the favorites are: ivory navy black tiger stripes leopard zebras flowers They come in all the typical bed sizes: twin full queen king They are machine washable and extremely durable.

My mink blanket is still going strong after almost 4 years of daily use and frequent washings. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a mink blanket in my local bedding stores, but here online there’s just a huge selection of them.