John Deer bedding: famous name in tractors now makes bedding too!

People don’t usually think of John Deer when they think of bedding. John Deer makes you think of tractors, front-end loaders and the like.

But John Deer makes bedding too! And even better, it’s some great bedding with wonderful colors and tractor themes.

There isn’t a boy in the world that wouldn’t love it! To begin the John Deer experience in bedding, you’ll find green and white plaid bed sheets in any size you need.

These make the foundation of the John Deer theme because the green is made to match the John Deer accessory bedding and carry the coordination of colors through out the bedding.

Then add the John Deer dust ruffle in green, blue, yellow and white plaid. Pillow shams for this bedding match the dust ruffle. Next, add layers of John Deer pillow cases.

These pillow cases depict the famous John Deer tractor in the center, surrounded by the green and white plaid of the sheets. The end border shows the series of John Deer hats.

Between the hats border and the green and white plaid is a small trim section in white featuring the John Deer trademark repeated over and over for a detail touch. The John Deer comforter for the bedding ensemble features the multi-colored plaid of the dust ruffle interspersed with medallions featuring the John Deer leaping deer trademark and rows of John Deer hats.

These sections are alternated with tractors on a tan background, sections of John Deer hats, and each section is offset by black, white, yellow or green stripes to break up the sections and highlight each one. It gets even better. This bedding comforter is reversible.

The reverse side is the multi-color plaid with the John Deer medallion of a jumping deer featured in areas along with the plaid. Reversible comforters are pretty nifty because people get bored with the same thing every day- especially boys!

There are several John Deer blankets offered in the bedding line as well. One matches the above bedding; the other features the older Waterloo John Deer tractor for a rustic addition. To pull all your bedding from John Deer together, drapes and valances are available featuring the multi-color plaid.

A wallpaper border featuring the tractors and trademarks brings all the bedding into focus; another features just the tractors and has yellow highlight, going well with a bedroom wall of pale yellow. A tapestry throw pillow as an addition to the bedding set depicts the Waterloo John Deer tractor.

There more accessories you might not have thought of to coordinate your John Deer bedroom. How about a wastebasket and thermometer to match?

Why not add a few tractor toys and matching trucks for him to play with? Or select a shower curtain for the bath with John Deer design.

Add a matching bedside or bathroom rug and you’ll finish pulling all the bedding and accessories into a complete John Deer design! What young boy wouldn’t just love a bedroom like this?

The prices are in line with bedding of lesser quality, and you can expect John Deer products- even their bedding to last and last.