Love those Jersey sheets!

Jersey sheets, especially those made of 100% Egyptian cotton, are a wonderful choice for your bed linen. Who doesn’t love the comfortable feeling of a familiar tee-shirt?

Well, then how about enjoying the very same comfy feeling on your bed? Pretty nifty!

100% Egyptian combed cotton is spun into long fibers and then into thread which is knitted into tee-shirt soft material. This cotton is then pre-shrunk and made into jersey sheets. The better jersey sheet sets will have elastic all around the sheet rather than just at the corner to provide a nice snug fit to the mattress.

No more having to get up in the middle of the night to remake the bed because you’re all tangled up in fitted sheets that really didn’t fit after all and popped off the corners of your mattress!

Jersey sheets are especially cozy and feel smooth as butter against your skin. Choosing bed sheets made of thick, quality jersey will hold up and maintain their shape for years.

Good quality jersey sheets, if they are light in color, can be washed in warm water without pilling and wearing thin. Allergy sufferers are aided by the use of warm water since it kills all the dust mites and remove body skin flakes more effectively than cold water washing of bed linens.

If you feel that cotton linen sheets are a bit cool, you’ll just love the extra warm feel of jersey. However, it’s not too warm like flannel can be sometimes.

Jersey sheets can be found in a nice selection of mostly solid colors. Some of the favorites are:

beige, cream, aqua, lavender, white, orange, burgundy, black.

You’ll find something perfect to match or compliment any bedroom decor! So get creative! Mix and match. Try some bold colors if you dare!