Inflatable pillows: luxury in your own bath

An inflatable pillow can create some nifty luxury in the bath. These inflatable pillows form soft and comfortable support for your head as you soak in a bath of bubbles, just as if you were in an expensive spa!

Inflatable neck pillows are available in a range of shapes.

•The traditional rectangle is very popular for inflatable bath pillows.

•A horse shoe shaped inflatable neck pillow which fits ergonomically around the neck is another popular choice.

•These inflatable luxury pillows come in circles as well. They are small enough that inflation of the pillow is simple, requiring only a few breaths and you can fill the pillow to be as firm or as soft as you desire.

Many of these inflatable support pillows have suction cups on the back so that once you place the pillow where you want it; it will stay there through out the bath.

However, if you choose a pillow without this feature, you won’t find keeping the pillow in place difficult and you can move it about as you move in your luxurious bath easily.

To make your inflatable spa pillow experience complete, add bubble bath or scented bath salts to your bath water. How about lighting some candles in safe candle holders and place them around the bathroom. Choose your most luxurious, thick, fluffy bath towels.

For added luxury, place your bath towel in the microwave and heat for two minutes; it will stay warm while you bathe and be a welcome warm wrap when you exit the bath. Be certain before using this trick that you are using towels with no metallic threads or embellishment. Heat the towels while running your bath.

Then you will feel as if you are soaking in a special, expensive spa when in fact, you are in your very own bathroom! Pillows that inflate are very inexpensive. For the luxury they offer, they are worth every penny!

Treat yourself like the royalty you are by creating your very own spa environment at home by adding an inflatable bath pillow to your luxury tool kit. Now, relax and enjoy your home spa treatment!