Home bedding ideas make your sanctuary beautiful

You want your bed to be comfortable. You also want other people to be comfortable when they stay in your home also. Home bedding choices are some of the most important decisions you will make when buying accessories for your home.

The bed linen you buy for your bed can affect the health and well being of your family and guests. Most people completely underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep.

So many people can’t begin their day without caffeine or energy drinks. My advice? Try new home bedding.

New, more comfortable home bedding can provide you and your family with everything you need to get better sleep.

You will sleep deeper (less tossing and turning) and more soundly throughout the night simply by choosing more comfortable bed linens.

You are more likely to awake refreshed and have more energy during the day. When you’re making bedding choices for your home, start with the basics.

You need a good mattress. Usually, mattresses last ten to fifteen years. If you’re more sluggish than you remember being, have a harder time falling asleep or getting comfortable, or you’ve noticed that your bed sags even after you turn it, it’s time for a new mattress.

Most doctors suggest you buy the firmest mattress that you find comfortable.

New pillow-top mattresses on beds are nice, but could actually increase the chances of the mattress sagging more quickly. I suggest buying a regular mattress and purchasing a separate pillow-top, featherbed or memory foam pad as part of the bedding for every bed in your home.

Don’t skimp on a mattress pad for your beds. So many people buy expensive mattresses and 400 thread-count sheets and luxury bedding only to put it on top of an uncomfortable mattress pad.

Pay attention to thread count on your mattress pad. Skip any pad that feels like plastic or vinyl.

You should invest in the highest thread count of sheets you can afford for your bed, with a basic proviso.

300 to 400 thread counts on really well-made bed linens should be wonderful. You really don’t need to go much higher in thread counts than this unless you’re just determined.

Your guests don’t expect luxury hotel comfort, but if you can afford high quality bedding on every bed in your home, do it. If not, don’t skimp on your own bed. Your sheets are the only parts that come in direct contact with your skin, so they are very important when it comes to bedding comfort.

You should always (even in warmer climates) include a lightweight blanket as part of your bedding on top of your sheets.

Most people prefer comforters to bedspreads (keep this in mind for guest rooms) to finish off bedding in any room. Always leave an extra blanket in the room, just in case. Some people get cold no matter how warm it is in your home.

Outfitting your home with nice bedding doesn’t need to be real expensive when you do your shopping online, where there are some really good deals to be had!