Wall Mounted Tables

When you have a small home or apartment, and space is tight, and you want to have some extra table space – wall mounted tables can be the very answer you’re looking for. There are models that can go in a bedroom, an office, or even a hallway ad they come in a wide variety of styles and materials. If you need space to set up a home computer or do some arts and crafts, you can find just the right wall mounted table to suit your needs.

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The first place to look for wall mounted tables is online. Go to a search engine like Yahoo or MSN or Google, and type in “Wall Mounted Tables”. You will get a whole slew of companies that manufacture wall mounted tables. There are several different types of wall mounted tables. Some have a fully enclosed steel trough where you can put cables (for computer, TV, stereo etc.). Some wall-mounted tables are specifically intended for use in corners.

Now, not all tables are meant for working on. There are certain wall-mounted tables that can be very useful for getting a rubdown or massage, or even as a spare bed. It attaches low to the wall, and only sticks out a little over six inches when folded up. Then, when you fold it out, small legs extend to give it good support, and it has a two inch thick foam mat.

Also, there are plenty of wall mounted tables that do not fold up. There are companies that have all kids of table units that attach to walls. You can get a table for a bar that has one pair of legs, and the other side connects directly to a wall. Some of these units can be quite expensive though, five to six hundred dollars is not uncommon. So, shop around and look for the best deals

If you have a home office, and you want a small efficient place for your computer, wall mounted tables can be the answer. There are several companies that make wall mounted table work stations. They fold up virtually flat against the wall, and fold out to hold a keyboard and flat monitor; the main computer unit goes on the floor or a nearby table. That utilizes your limited space most efficiently.

Finally, for those of you of the “Do-It-Yourself” variety, you can get plans to build any sort of wall mounted tables you want. There are websites that can provide you with the plans to build a wall mounted folding work bench.

Now, these are but a few of the many types of wall mounted tables that are available to you. You can also check out local stores like Target, Wal-Mart etc. that will have units you can buy and install; and home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot can also sell you plans to build a table. So, no matter what sort of wall mounted tables you need, there are models out there to fill your particular requirements.