Floor pillows: fun made easy anywhere in your home

When you’re looking for floor pillows online, you’ll be thrilled at all of your choices! My son loves to sink into our gigantic floor pillow while watching TV or reading in the study area.

I think he loves the feeling of security as that pillow sort of hugs him. Not that he would ever willingly admit that though-lol. I’ve even used them as an extra bed on occasion. Pretty nifty.

These wonderful pillows just add a sense of fun and flair to just about any area of your home:

•living room     •study room   •out on the deck or by the pool

•for kids bedrooms •adults bedrooms

They’ll come in lots of different shapes like:

rectangle beanbag style…. stars… moons… flowers…. cubes… hearts

•Sizes range from smaller 14″ toss pillows to huge 50″ or 62″ lounging cushions.

They’ll come in lots of different design themes too- some of the most popular:

sports teams…. logos…. solids that will match or compliment pretty much any room’s decor..and even stripes.

And they’re available with lots of different fills, the most popular option being:

•polyester or blends for comfort           •beads made of puffed up polyester

The outer shell of your pillow will mostly be polyester, cotton polyester duck cloth, denim, twill, and even moisture resistant fabric like vinyl that will be tough and is made to last.

But you can even find them covered in velvet or chenille too if you really want something special.

A lot of the pillow covers can be removed for easy cleaning, and the ones that aren’t should just be spot cleaned to keep them looking great.