Fleece baby blankets are the ultimate luxury for baby

Blankets are essential to your baby’s comfort and warmth, and a lot of new parents wouldn’t dream of using anything other than a fleece baby blanket.

A fleece baby blanket is also one of the best gifts that can be given to expecting parents. Whether its intended for your own little one, or as a gift, you’ll be amazed at all of the choices available in fleece baby blankets when shopping online these days.

These blankets are extremely soft to the touch, are available in the soft, warm colors that babies love, and also have the quality to really last. Fleece blankets are made of either 100% polyester or cotton blends, which explains why it’s so soft.

The fibers are spun, and then combed up and sheared off to a certain uniform height. It’s dense and luxurious feel is almost addictive to us adults.

No wonder babies love it too! Some adventurous types that love to be extra creative really want to add that personal touch when considering a fleece baby blanket, whether its for their own babies or a gift. For these folks, here’s some ideas on how to go about making one.

You just need about two yards of fleece fabric, then just trim off the excess loose ends all the way around. Fold the fabric lengthwise twice, locate the corners and mark round edges of the corners by using a template or a dinner plate.

Next, trim all of the four corners of the blanket evenly and smoothen the raw edge so that your fleece blanket now has a shaped, designed edge. You can also do a blanket stitch as a finishing touch. The cost of the entire baby blanket depends upon the quality and quantity of the fleece fabric.

Acrylic fleece is the best fabric because it doesn’t fray, dries quickly and doesn’t wrinkle. It’s fairly easy for those that want to try it. Then you could add some extra stitching that might have the babies name or even birth date on it.

There are some cute appliqu├ęs, or little patches, of cartoon characters or big colorful flowers could also be added to the blanket for even more fun. Your imagination is your only limit here! That would be a really meaningful, memorable gift for any baby.

If you’re really too busy, or all thumbs like I am, and would rather just purchase one, you’re sure to find that perfect fleece baby blanket online. The coolest part is how easy and convenient it is. One click here and there, and your blanket will be delivered right to your door in no time at all.