Fitted Bedspreads for a neat clean look on your bed

Fitted bedspreads can be a bit confusing if you are not familiar with the terms.

A fitted bedspread in the ‘cap’ style does now flow down like a non-fitted spread. This type of bedspread provides a very tailored look and because it is fitted, it will not slip off the bed during the night nearly as easily. The area that would drape in a non-fitted spread is not seen and the bottom of the spread has a seam so that the shape of the bed is the same as the shape of the bedspread!

Very neat in appearance, you may have seen this bedspread style in some of the finer hotels you’ve visited. The tailored look is quite popular and makes the bed easier to make up each day.

A bedspread in the ‘waterfall’ fitted style has the extra fabric removed and hemmed finishes to each of the flowing sides allows the bedspread to fit and flow naturally but without the extra fabric resulting the drape style bedspread.

These bedspreads are well loved by people who don’t want quite as much restriction in sleeping as a fitted cap bedspread but want the ease of making the bed with a fitted spread.

The elegance of a tailored still is still there, but there are people who state that a fitted cap bedspread with the sown down seams is just too restricting for their feet.

If you want elegance and sharpness in the bedroom, you’ll find that one of the styles of bedspread that is fitted will fit your needs every well. Before purchasing, look closely at how the different fitted styles are created and you’ll readily see which style will fit your sleeping positions best. If you love to have your feet off the end of the best, try a fitted waterfall bedspread. If you want tucked in comfort, the fitted cap style bedspread is probably the best choice for you.