Egyptian cotton bed linen, comfort and luxury all in one

One of the most important parts of your bedroom decor is in choosing the right kind of bed linen.

More and more people are convinced that this can be done beautifully with Egyptian cotton bed linen. Since we spend so much time sleeping, we should really make the best of this time with the best quality bedding possible.

The choice of a good comfortable linens for your bedroom can enhance your personal life. Besides the comfort factor, an aesthetically designed article, say a linen duvet cover or pillowcase portrays your taste and feeds your senses.

In the world of bedding linen, the Egyptian linens could be considered all time famous. This linen is not only soft and has incredibly high quality texture, but also provides you with a luxurious feeling of cool comfort.

If you’ve ever stayed at a luxury hotel, then you must have felt the cozy, comfortable and sensuous touch of Egyptian cotton bed linen. This fabric is so intricately woven, and the texture so soft, that you’ll instantly start relaxing and eventually wake up after a deep and restful sleep.

Your senses can’t help to surrender to its alluring touch! This world-famous cotton is cultivated across Egypt and is used in the higher quality sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. Egyptian cotton easily lends itself to being shaped and beautifully transformed into bedding of all kinds, with higher thread counts than in other more inferior bed linen.

It’s yarn absorbs many more times its own weight in water, can be easily bleached, boiled and sterilized, it can be subjected to high temperature and has excellent dye absorbing capability. The threads that are spun with this cotton are very long and stable, and serve to make exceptional soft and at the same time strong bedding linen that won’t easily break down, lint or pill.

And 100% Egyptian bed linen made of cotton can last for decades with proper care. That’s why, though expensive, Egyptian cotton bed linen is cherished globally as the ultimate bedding luxury. And lucky for us, we can easily find this bedding in just about any print, pattern and color imaginable, to easily match or compliment any decor.