Easy Procedure For Wall Mounted Ironing Board Fitting!

Ironing boards are the necessary evils for our lives. They make us look nice by allowing us to press the clothes easily and comfortably. We need them daily, they are our requirement but they take up so much space in our houses. Most of them are big and bulky and take a lot of space in a cupboard. But now in this new technological world of inventions, this problem has been solved by the invention of Wall Mount Ironing Board. They are now easily available in the market and can be in everybody access. When anyone want to iron his clothes, he just needs to open the cupboard and unfold the ironing board. When he has done with the ironing, he can again fold it up and close the cupboard and it couldn’t be then seem.

Now after purchasing the wall mount ironing board, one needs to install it. Its one of the ironing board that can easily be installed by anyone. One just need to follow the following instructions.

1. Select the place where you want to install it but it should be near to power supply.
2. Find a wall stud in your selected place (it can easily be found by looking for electrical outlets) and mark its location. It is needed to mount the ironing board directly into a wall stud.
3. Put the cabinet on the floor and mount the hinges onto the door and the cabinet.
4. Choose the height you want to mount the cabinet. It is best if it is 36 inches off the ground.
5. Take the measurement from the floor of 27 inches and mark it on the wall. This is for the bottom of the cabinet where it will sit.
6. Drill the mounting holes in the top and bottom mounting supports of the cabinet.
7. Maintain the cabinet up to the wall in order to mark or point out the both top and bottom holes locations on the wall.
8. Now make holes into the wall stud for mounting bolts.
9. Hold up the cabinet and via the cabinet attach the top mounting bolt into the wall. Make sure the cabinet at level and fit the bottom bolt and tighten up the both bolts
10. Again fit the doors and the wall mount ironing board is ready to start ironing.
So we have seen how easy it is for anyone to install it by himself and save lots of money!

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