What Is The Best And Easiest Way To Clean Window Blinds?

Every window in your home has some type of window covering, and after some time goes by, they can get dirty and all dusty. Obviously, their original purpose, which was to provide beauty and comfort in your home, is no longer being served. In addition to looking terrible, dirty window blinds can pose a health concern. As such, if you havent in a long time, its important to consider cleaning your blinds immediately. The good news is, cleaning window blinds is not really hard if you only know how to go about the process.

Window blinds are made up of different materials. They can be found as metal blinds, wood blinds, cane, fabric, and others. How you clean your window blinds will depend on what material your blinds are made of. Therefore, its key to follow all the cleaning instructions properly so that the quality of the blinds is not affected and its useful life is preserved.

The good news is, its not as difficult a task as it seems. Given the health implications of not cleaning your window treatments on a regular basis, this task should be given a higher priority than it has in the past.

To help you in your cleaning task, read on for some helpful tips:

Aluminum Mini Blinds

For your aluminum mini blinds, use ordinary clean and soft dust cloths. You can also use dust cloths which are chemically treated as well as the brush attachments of your vacuum cleaner. You may also find other household aids that you can use, which act in a similar manner. Make sure that you clean your aluminum blinds regularly so that dust is easily brushed off. Since the slats have a painted and smooth surface, cleaning it is quite easy.

If you want to use the vacuum for your aluminum blinds, use the brush attachment and make sure that you tilt the slats up first, and then down in order to reach the top and entire bottom surfaces.

You can also wash your mini blinds using a mild detergent and a damp sponge or cloth. Never use hot water. If you want to take down the blinds, do so and wash them in a tub of cold/warm water.

Wood Window Blinds

If you have wood window blinds at home, it will require extra care, especially if its true wood blinds. You should not wash the wood blind because even humid weather can discolor or warp the blinds. The slats of wood blinds are also soft and dust can be easily removed by brushing them. You can use soft dust cloths and vacuum cleaner in cleaning wood blinds.

By using the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner, cleaning window blinds is very easy. However, for those individuals who don’t own a vacuum cleaner, you can try your old socks or cotton gloves in wiping the blinds’ slats. You can also use your small paintbrush to dust the window blinds’ slats. If the dust can’t be removed easily, then use a damp cloth and wipe them off.

Some are hesitant to take down their blinds because the strings may rot. If this is your problem, then soak your window blinds in vinegar. The blinds should be open to prevent slats from sticking together. Leave them for about thirty minutes. After the designated time, rinse your blinds thoroughly and hang the blinds outside. Wait until the blinds are dry and then wipe the blinds’ slats with fabric softener. This way, dust build-up can be prevented.

Do yourself a favor, and clean your window blinds regularly. Not only does it make it easier, its also ensures a healthy living environment for your family. With the right tools, you can clean your blinds in less than an hour, all the while prolonging the life of your window blinds.