Duvet covers: making a decorating statement doesn’t have to be hard

Not just a great decorating idea, but that duvet cover protects your investment too. Here’s a few things to know before you buy one.

They keep the comforter safe from stains, dirt, body oils and prevent you from having to have your comforter cleaned too often.

The basics of duvet covers:

They’re available in all the standard bed sizes and come in a nice selection of fabrics. Some of the more popular are:

Cotton- probably the most popular of all. They were usually found only in neutral or white, but now you’ll be amazed at all of the colors, prints and styles that you’ll be able to pick from-like stripes, floral, solids and more. You’re sure to find something just perfect for your bedroom decor. Cotton is of course perfect for bedding because it breathes and wicks away moisture so you just sleep better. Look for thread counts of around 200 or more for a great combination of softness and durability.

Silk- amazingly soft and luxurious, is more costly but well worth it according to those who use them! They are a real favorite with those people that have allergies and chemical sensitivities. Silk is light and warm and comes in a stunning array of dense, lush colors. Silk used to be reserved for only the wealthier and ruling class in times gone by, but now almost anyone can have silk comforter covers!

Denim- always a favorite with those people looking for a more rustic or masculine look.

One other thing to consider is the type of closure you’ll be picking from. Usually:


The thing about these cover closures is that sometimes they will allow the comforter to sort of slide down into one corner or bunch up on one side or other, which can be annoying.

There are a few companies that have really been inventive and have figured out a neat way of keeping that duvet in place where it should be by securing the corners so everything stays in place better.