Some tips on down comforter care

Taking care of your down comforter properly will assure that your investment lasts for years like it should. Some folks just need a few pointers on this. So in addition to reading the manufacturer’s information, the following tips will also help.

First off, you’ve got to have a duvet cover, and launder it regularly to keep any dirt or stains away from the comforter itself. It helps to have 2 or 3 duvet covers so that a fresh one is always in use.

If you do use a duvet cover, then your comforter will stay much cleaner and only need cleaning every 3 or 4 years.

Have it professionally done, unless you absolutely know your comforter is small enough for your home washing machine to handle well enough.

Because normally home size top loading washer and dryers just aren’t big enough to handle the job. Just ask your dry cleaner if they have experience with down and feather comforters first. You don’t want any surprises there.

When you’re making your bed, just fluff up your comforter to get fresh air inside, then flip it to keep the feathers and down from staying compacted. And one last thing, if you ever need to store your comforter, put it inside a breathable cover or bag so that there isn’t any chance of mildew forming. That will ruin the fill for sure. When you keep these few things in mind, you’re sure to enjoy your comforters for many years.