Daybed bedding: smart solutions

Daybed bedding can solve a lot of problems for the home without a guest bedroom, or for the home with lots of children. If your family has grown and there is no longer space for a guest room, you can furnish the den with a pair of matching daybeds and provide sleeping space for two guests easily enough.

The bedding selected should reflect the theme of the room. If your den is a general family area, perhaps done in a southwestern theme, you can opt for daybed coverings with a Native American pattern, and select bedding for underneath the covering in solid colors included in the pattern or even in the same pattern.

Pillow shams to cover the large, fluffy back pillows complete the daybed set.

If your den is a bit more formal, select a tailored dust ruffle that really isn’t ruffled but is, in fact, squared on the edges in a material that matches your decor. The pillow covers should also be tailored in a more formal den, rather than ruffled.

The bedding to go underneath when someone sleeps over can be any coordinating color. If you have children with large bedrooms and they often have sleep-overs with their friend, consider the use of a daybed in their bedrooms in addition to their regular bed.

With bedding for daybeds in such a wide selection of patterns, colors, fabrics, and shades, it should be easy to locate bedding for the daybed that will go very well with room’s design.

Basement game rooms are another place to include the extra sleeping space of daybeds. A game room with a table tennis table, pool table, or other large gaming area in the center can be designed with two daybeds placed in the corners, out of the way, with a table for placing drinks while others play games. Then, when extra guests drop in, you have bedding for two more people.

Casual patterns and colors will work very well as bedding and coverings for the game room daybed. Daybeds are comfortable seating as and add that much needed extra space for large families who like to gather for holidays. No need for expensive hotel rooms if the whole gang can fit into the house using daybeds and comfortable cozy bedding!