Crib Blankets – beautiful and simple additions to your life

Crib blankets are not only beautiful, they are a practical necessity of having a baby and keeping the child cozy and warm. Whether you are seeking a baby shower gift, a gift to honor the birth of the new child, or buying nursery items for your own arriving baby’s crib, gorgeous crib blankets are available that will be used until the child grow into a larger bed and kept for years as a family heirloom.

The wide variety of crib blankets on the market includes top quality choices as well as choices of less quality. A crib blanket that’s not well made will not withstand the many launderings required of crib bedding.

The blanket’s surface may bunch into “pills” and irritate baby’s tender skin. Instead, buy the very finest quality crib blanket so baby can sleep soundly and awake refreshed and ready for his or her feeding and playtime. Let’s take a look at some quality crib blankets.

So Girly! offers the I Love Being Me crib blanket. Created from quality pink plush fabric, the blanket is bound in yellow satin. Yellow, blue and orange embroidery create the lettering and the blanket is embellished with hearts of yellow, blue, and green with orange polka dots. This crib blanket is machine washable on gentle.

Carousel Designs has designed a lightweight crib blanket which reverses to 100% white cotton flannel. The fabric for the top of the blanket is hypoallergenic, resin-free polyester. Made in the USA, these crib blankets are machine washable but should not be dry cleaned. Color choices include a complete rainbow with pink, blue, yellow and 25 other solid colors, combinations of pastel and soft colors, primary and bright colors, or a combination of dark shades.

Coyuchi is known for quality products and their crib blankets are no exception. Using cleaned organic, India-grown cotton fiber, spun into yarn in Madhya Pradesh, as modern facility known for the best spinning equipment anywhere, these crib blankets meet ISO 9002 certification standards for quality, labor and environmental practices. The resulting fabric is sized, softened, and pre-shrunk to create a finished feel and look. Depending on the color desired, some fabric is bleached using hydrogen peroxide. Few chemicals are used in creating these great crib blankets and those which are have been approved by certifying organizations in the US and Europe to ensure your baby’s soft, tender skin is protected.

In fact, Coyuchi received the United Nations Second Annual Fashion Industry Award for Environmental Excellence due to their practices in ensuring environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. Care instructions for these great crib blankets includes warm wash with biodegradable detergent or soap, tumble or line dry. If the blanket is tumble dried, remove from dryer promptly. The range of colors and embroidered designs creates a long, long list, ensuring you will find just the right colors and designs for your child’s nursery.

Simmons Thermal crib blanket by BabyAge comes in a set of two blankets, each of which is created from 100% cotton to allow breathability. Choose from yellow, white, blue or pink to fit the nursery. These crib blankets are machine washable on gentle.
Polartec offers fleece crib blankets as well as stroller blankets that are made from quality fleece. The shearling colors in this line have been left with a nubby, lamb’s wool look on one side. Each Polartec crib blanket can be machine washed in cold water and dried on the lowest heat setting. Choose from 21 solid colors, 10 shearling colors, and 30 great prints.