Comforter covers: protect your investment

Nothing is quiet as comfortable as snuggling way down into your toasty warm covers after a long tough day.

If you need a comforter cover, here’s some things to keep in mind before you get it. Covering the basics of comforters:

Comforter covers, also called duvet covers, protect our comforter from body oils, stains and dirt, and prevent our favorite, and sometimes expensive investment from having to be cleaned too often.

You’ll find them in all standard bed sizes, made of some wonderful fabrics, with some of the most popular sorts being:

Denim– for more of a rustic, rugged but still comfortable approach to covers.

Silk– incredibly comfortable if you can afford it. You’ll think you’re in heaven! These covers are available in some of the most sumptuous colors and jacquard designs. These offer the ultimate softness and luxury in bed coverings.

Cotton– These used to be pretty much only found in white or neutral colors, but now there’s a huge array of prints and designs that cover every possible decor or color scheme in your bedroom, and you’ll just love the choices. Pick from floral prints, checks, solids, or stripes.

No matter which type of fabric you prefer, your cover can be easily matched to your bedroom decor, and a pillowcase or two usually comes with it. With denim and silk covers, you can’t really choose according to thread counts, so let’s talk a bit about that for the cotton ones.

The thread count should should be around 200 or higher for durability and softness, since they’ll be close to your skin. Cotton wicks away moisture, is cool and feels really cozy and comfy.

The better covers with the higher thread counts get softer and more comfortable over time.

Something else to consider is the closure, which of course keeps the comforter inside. Normally they’ll have:  buttons, snaps or zippers.

Some folks have been annoyed with using these types of cover closures because the comforter sometimes sort of slides down inside the cover and bunches up.

A few inventive companies have come up with a neat way of keeping the comforter from moving around with simple approach that secure the corners of your comforter so everything stays where it should!

Pretty neat. I guess that about covers it. =) It’s wonderfully convenient that you can browse all over the world from the comfort of your home, and with just a click have anything that you like brought right to your door!