Making The Most Out Of Your Closet Organization

If it’s hard to find certain articles of clothing in your bedroom closet each morning, you probably need to work on your closet organization. There are a lot of tools and items that will make this task easier, whether it is a major overhaul or just a simple closet organization project.

For clothes that you don’t wear very often, consider purchasing a wicker 5-drawer storage tower from Target. The tower is designed to easily fit into your closet and is an easy place to store off-season clothes, socks, and undergarments.

This type of closet organization is helpful because it clears up some of your rod space, allowing you easier access to the clothing that you wear on a regular basis. Target also offers a shorter chest version of the same model and is available in a 3-drawer, 4-drawer, 5-drawer, or 6-drawer design.

This form of closet organization is useful because of its less exaggerated height, allowing you to store even more items on top of the unit.
There are closet organization solutions available for bulky or special garments as well.

The Space Bag is a revolutionary vacuum-sealed storage system that reduces volume and increases protection. At you can purchase hanging space bags that improve your storage space by up to 75%.

These bags are vacuum-sealed and are ideal for wedding dresses, occasional-use cocktail dresses, blankets, out-of-season suits, and sweaters. If you are running out of space on your closet rod, these bags are the perfect solution to your closet organization problem. Vacuum-sealed bags are easy to use and are guaranteed to keep your items dry and out of harm’s way.

Another way to improve your closet rod space is to purchase multi-tier hangers.

These types of hangers allow you to store multiple items of clothing on the same hanger and are available at The Container Store offers multi-tier hangers for skirts, slacks, and shirts. Having enough space for all of your clothing items is a key element in closet organization, and these multi-tier hangers are perfect for smaller closets or for people that have a lot of clothing items

Another idea is to double your hanging space with a closet rod doubler, also available at The Container Store. If your closet organization project isn’t going as smoothly as you had hoped, this handy item is bound to give new life to your closet. The closet rod doubler adds an additional rod below your existing closet rod, giving your closet instant space with minimal effort.

We can’t talk about closet organization without mentioning how to organize things like ties, stockings, hats, and jewelry. A lot of people find that they have no idea how to store these items in an orderly fashion. The Container Store offers clear vinyl bags specifically for storing these types of accessories, and they are available in a few different sizes.

These bags hang on your closet rod and clear up your existing clutter. An important factor in closet organization is being able to see where your items are located, which is why clear storage bags are the perfect solution.