Buckwheat pillows- a new favorite pillow for good reasons

Asians have been using buckwheat hulls as pillow fell for hundreds of years, and the West is finally embracing the buckwheat pillow as one of their favorites.

They can be used with any type of bed, whether you have a memory foam mattress or a typical coil and spring bed. The space between the hulls allow air circulation which helps you remain cool while sleeping — a nice feature in any pillow.

You can make this pillow higher or lower to adjust to your sleep position by taking out some halls or adding them in.  This way you get the perfect support you need from a pillow that should align your spine so you sleep comfortably.

One of the other cool features about these buckwheat fills is that the older the pillows get, the more polished and glossy the hulls become, the more responsive the pillows become to you.

You can expect a quality buckwheat hull pillow to last you around a decade, assuming you take reasonably good care of it.  Some people even put these pillows in the refrigerator or freezer during the day for a wonderful cooling sleeping experience at night.  You can get them in soft medium or even firm support densities made especially with you in mind. When they’re filled properly they will just cradle your head and neck beautifully.

One other great benefit of using buckwheat hulls for your pillows is that you don’t have to worry about dust mites like the folks that love their feather and down versions.  Some people are surprised that these pillows will make a rustling sound — but most folks get pretty used to it in a day or two.  The standard sized buckwheat pillow will measure 20″ x 26″, which is the same size as your typical standard bed pillow.

Look for your buckwheat hulls to be made with premium grade, certified organic and triple cleaned for the best quality and durability possible.  Your pillows should contain about 7 pounds of hulls.