Using blanket sleepers puts your mind at ease!

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission advises parents to use blanket sleepers as a great alternative to regular blankets for babies to use at night in their cribs.

Blanket sleepers, also called sleep sacks, are meant to keep your baby warm and allow for movement without loose fitting objects that can tangle up in their crib.

These nifty little sleepers for babies:

• are inexpensive- range from under 10.00 to 15.00 (US)

• zip for easy changing and dressing

• easy care machine wash

They come in all sorts of colors that little one love, like: soft yellow pink blue purple green white etc..

Sleepers are available in all kinds of fun designs to make your baby look just way too cute like:

polka…. dots….. checkered….. puppies….. duckies…… smiley faces…… dinosaurs etc…

You’ll just love the vast selection of baby sleepers you find when shopping online-where it’s fast, easy and convenient.