Bedskirts Info You Need For Your Bedding

Daybeds are used to sleep during day as the name says but it differs in structure and appearance from the normal bed and used in living room, bed rooms, dining rooms or family room. Daybeds are also confused with futon, which can be extended to form a bed from couch. Daybed are more ornamental and can be decorated with daybed skirts, comforters, pillows and bed covers etc. Daybed Skirts hide the box springs and legs of the day bed so must be used. Cotton, linen, polyester are mostly used to make daybed ruffled bed skirts for bedding as these have natural flares in them when used. But you can also get these in denim, satin, organza and silk.

If you do not like the plain piece of cloth that is ruffled for the bed skirts then you can also check for the range of embroidered daybed skirts, crochet, printed day bed skirts. Crochet can be done at the end or in between the fabric. You will also find laces and braids that beautify the bed skirts further for classy bedding. Moreover, these days, detachable bed skirts that have zip and velcro for easy removal from the bed without disturbing the mattress are also there for you. The size of the daybed skirts depends upon the size of the day bed. So you have large size daybed then get these custom done for comfortable fit and great bed and bedding furnishings.

Various Daybed Skirt Brands
Southern Textiles churns out wide range of daybed skirts with other bedding and linen products. Southern Textiles is known for its product and innovative designs. You can go for the Legacy Daybed Ensemble of this brand which is made from 100% polyester fabric and contains daybed bed skirt, comforter and three standard shams. The size of the comforter is 95″ x 61″. You can get these at very reasonable price which is $249.

Nautica is another brand that sells daybed skirts in standard size. Buy the complete day bed set that is made from 100% cotton. This includes daybed skirt (100% cotton & 310 thread count), pillow shams and bed cover. The bold colors of the stripes give it a sophisticated as well as a trendy look. The day bed skirts has 12″ drop.

Pottery Barn is famous for very natural shades and stylish beddings. So the daybed skirts of this famous brand is not different from its other products in quality and appearance. Pure organic cotton is used to make daybed bed skirts having geometric metalasse. These daybed skirts are available in both inverted as well as regular pleats.

Kozy Komfort is known for durable, comfortable and quality of its products. From 18″ to 21″ daybed ruffled bed skirts are there with Kozy Komfort. The color for this are burgundy, solid rose, white, seafoam and black with thread count of 200. these daybed bed skirts are made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton with split corners.