Bedding for kids: get creative and fun

Bedding for kids covers a huge variety of choices. Kids bedding isn’t meant to be boring! Just let yourself think like a kid- and then a lot of your bedding choices will come to life with new possibilities.

Every kid is unique and, fortunately, kids bedding allows you to select themes, colors, patterns and fabrics that will make your kids happy.

•What do your kids love? How about asking them? Horses, space exploration, race cars, cowboys, trains, ballerinas, fairies, certain movies, maybe knights and ladies of the round table..? All of the things that kids love can easily transform a humdrum, boring bedroom into a wonderfully entertaining, colorful, bright, happy and creative space to dream in, to play in and sleep in!

Besides figuring out what your kids would really love in their bedroom decor, keep in mind a couple of things about the choice of fabric.

•Cotton is no doubt the most popular bedding fabric. It’s made to be tough and durable. A must for kids bedding! It’s a natural fabric, lets your skin breathe, stays cool and comfy. Don’t forget that it’s 100% machine washable too- which is perfect for moms on the go!

•Look for kids bedding to have thread counts of about 175 to 200 or so, which will be a good range for softness and durability. Cotton polyester blends can also be a good choice for kids bedding. It’s also tough, but tends to get a little bit dirtier unless you really stay keep up with regular washings.

Some of the best names in kids bedding are: •Kidsline •Disney •Olive Kids •Dan River

You could buy bedding for kids in really cool sets that come with pretty much everything you’d need to get started: •comforter or bed quilt

•sheets, both flat and fitted, with appropriate number of pillowcases

•bed skirt

You could really go all out with accessories for their bedrooms to complete the decor, like matching or complimenting: wall borders posters or pictures area rugs window treatments lamps with shades toys or figurines This should give you a great heads start when putting your favorite kids’ bedding together.

Just have fun shopping for your bedding online- you’ll be thrilled that the whole world is at your fingertips!