Bed skirts: help finish off your bedroom’s new look. Learn about them here

If you’re shopping for bedding online, you’ve probably heard of bed skirts. But do you know what they are, if you need one and what kind to get? It’s really not hard.

Your bed skirt will go under your mattress and hang down from the bed, usually in a ruffle. It’s a form of decoration that many people use on their beds to complete the look.

It’s used to hide the box spring of the bed. Bed skirts may be ruffled, pleated, boxed (and other styles) even though the most common is the ruffle.

The color, pattern, design and look will be what’s important to you. Matching a bed skirt to the rest of the linen when you didn’t get them as part of a set can also be difficult. But the most important thing to consider when buying a bed skirt is the size.

With the wrong size, it will be useless no matter what the color and style.

Bed skirts come in all different sizes- king and the many variation of king sizes…queen…twin.

Basically, every typical mattress size will have bed skirts to match.

You also need to know the drop. This is the measurement of the mattress depth to the floor, so that your bed skirt hangs cleanly and reaches just to the floor.

Most are a standard 15″ but if you have a thicker mattress drop, you may need to consider a custom made bed skirt. There are many different types of fabrics used in making bed skirts and once again, it’s an issue of personal taste. Some of the less expensive ones use materials that are woven thin and produce a ‘see-through’ affect that you might want to avoid. Some of the most popular materials to choose from are cotton, matelasse, chenille, velvet and cotton chintz.