A bed-in-a-bag means one stop convenience

You’ve heard all of the terms by now, fitted sheets, bed skirts, thread counts and pillow shams.

Maybe all of this has you a little bit intimidated. Where do you start? What colors go best together? Well, if you’re having doubts about your bedding design ability, OR if you’re really savvy and just want to save time and get really cool looking bedding that is guaranteed to match and coordinate perfectly, then consider a bed-in-a-bag, also called just bed bag. It may just be the ticket for you.

You’ll get: A comforter…Bed skirt…Flat sheet ….Fitted sheet and Pillowcase (s), ……and sometimes even an extra decorative pillow sham.

The comforter will be the appropriate size for your bed with enough overhang to make everything look just right. Usually these comforters will be machine washable, which is super-convenient. And if you check around you can find comforters that are reversible, which is a great extra value. Just flip it and you’ve got a great new look.

The sheets, both flat and fitted, will vary from 100% cotton, to blends of cotton and polyester blends also. Which ones you choose is really a matter of personal taste.

Just keep in mind that cotton sheets and pillowcases are considered more cool and comfortable than the synthetic ones because they allow your body to ‘breathe,’ even though with some bed linens you may notice a little bit of wrinkling, unless you take everything out of the dryer while it’s a little bit damp.

There is hardly more of a hot topic than 100% cotton versus polyester blends in the world of bedding! Alot of people just plain look down on using anything with even a hint of polyester on their bed. But hey- my opinion is that whatever makes you the customer happy then that’s what’s important! It’s just a matter of personal preference.

Whichever type of fabric you decide on, try and stay with thread counts of around 200 or more for the best combination of softness and durability. The better bed bag sets will have the fitted sheets with elastic all the way around, or at least on both sides.

The ones with elastic only on the corners will drive you nuts, because they will constantly pop off the bed. One last thing is to double check the size of your pillowcase (s) so you’re sure you get the right ones in your set.

There really is a huge variety of choices for these bed-in-a-bags, in prints and colors of every kind. You’re sure to find a good deal when you shop online, it’s so fast and convenient these days!