Snuggle them in a baby security blanket

A baby security blanket is just a perfect way to add warmth and comfort for your little one, or as a cherished gift for a family with a new baby.

Most baby security blankets are made with sumptuously soft fabric, like fleece or flannel. Some will be backed with satin or silk.

The nicer ones will be trimmed and finished with satin for the extra detailing that makes it an extra special security blanket for your baby.

The designs will be things that babies love, like: ducks smiley faces dragonflies trains ladybugs Of course, security blankets come in bright, happy colors that babies love: yellow pink blue white green checks prints

The sizes for security blankets will vary greatly, with some online retailers offering anything from 8″ by 8″ on up to around 12″ by 16.”

These days, you’ll find that it’s very easy to get those security blankets personalized too- with the baby’s name, date of birth and maybe even an added appliqué, like little angels, cars or bunnies.

So no matter if you’re shopping for a security blanket for your own baby or a friends, you’re sure to find exactly the right one when you let your mouse do the walking!